No one should have to face multiple sclerosis on their own.

Watch this moving video of Kerrie Newton, who is living with multiple sclerosis.

“If you want to care for people with multiple sclerosis, you have to care for those who look after them. That’s why respite care for families matters so much.”

Mark Newton, whose wife Kerrie was diagnosed eight years ago.

Please will you make an online donation right away and help us provide comfort, care and compassion to families struggling to support someone with multiple sclerosis this Christmas?

The simple truth is that if you want to help people with multiple sclerosis, you have to help their families too. Because very often, it’s their children and partners who are their primary carers.

We’ve found that respite care is the single most effective way to help families cope with the stresses and pressures that build up over time caring for a loved one. We’ve also found that respite provides a critically important break for people with multiple sclerosis too.

And that’s why our respite services matter so much.

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Right now, we're trying to raise $256,129 to invest in respite care and other services that offer comfort, care and compassion to people with multiple sclerosis and to their loving, caring families.

If you want to do something special for families affected by multiple sclerosis this Christmas, there’s no gift more powerful than the one you can make here today.

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