Stuart has multiple sclerosis, suffers severe fatigue and depends on a wheelchair. But with your help, he’s not about to let that stop him caring for his terminally wife.

“They told me my legs were too weak to operate the pedals, and all I could think was ‘how am I going to tell Wenda I won’t be able to drive her to her cancer treatments anymore?’.”

It’s not easy losing your ability to drive when you live in an isolated rural house, kilometres from your family. But when your beloved partner has terminal cancer, and depends on you to get to hospital, it’s truly devastating.

That why Stuart refused to accept it when his legs became too weak to operate the pedals of his car. Instead, he decided to reach out for financial help to have his car fitted with hand controls.

After being turned down by six organisations, Stuart had all but resigned himself to spending his remaining days with his wife stuck at home. But then, to his joy, the team at our Financial Assistance program told him that we could help.

They provided him with the grant he needed to make up for the income he’d lost when he’d been forced to give up his job. And just a few weeks later, Stuart was back behind the wheel again—his beloved wife Wenda happily by his side.

Our Financial Assistance program provides life-transforming grants to people with multiple sclerosis who can’t afford the equipment, modifications and support they need to restore their dignity and freedom.

It depends entirely on donations, and right now we’re trying to raise $140,000.
Please, if you can afford to help, donate what you can today. Click here now to make more happy endings like Stuart and Wenda’s possible.

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