Please spare a thought for those who will be enduring a deep, dark depression this Christmas as a result of multiple sclerosis.

Donate a gift, and help our MS Connect team offer support, care and friendship to people who are feeling alone and in despair this Christmas.

"I lay in bed wondering why I should ever get up again. I had become so depressed, I found it less painful to resign myself to lifelong unhappiness than to hope for better."

Mark had been a happy and positive man all his life. But one day he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and in the weeks that followed all his joy in life simply drained away. Even spending time with his beloved wife and daughter no longer brought him any pleasure.

What Mark didn’t realise was that he was experiencing a common symptom of multiple sclerosis: depression. And unfortunately, Mark’s case was severe. All he knew was that he was in a very dark place, and he was terrified of what might become of him if he didn’t get help.

That’s why he turned to MS Connect—the unique, donor funded service that offers people like Mark direct access to the expert practical and emotional care they need when life with multiple sclerosis feels like too much to bear.

Our MS Connect team helped Mark understand that he wasn’t at fault for his depression. They directed him to appropriate health professionals to help with his depression and assured him that now he’d turned to them for help he would never have to face another day alone with the condition again. And over the months that followed, they provided him with the friendship, care and support he needed to find his way back into the light.

MS Connect depends entirely on donations to help thousands of Australians and their families live well with multiple sclerosis each year. Will you help us raise $280,665 we need in order to offer the hand of friendship to people like Mark in need of care and support this Christmas?

Please donate a gift right now, and help ensure that neither Mark nor anyone else need ever have to face multiple sclerosis alone.
Thank you.

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