Please donate a gift today so that our MS Advisors can continue to partner with people like Lisa for the weeks, months and years following a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis—offering guidance and support to help them find peace in their difficult new lives.

“Maybe it’s just as well that doctors can’t tell you exactly what lies ahead after a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. If I’d have known beforehand how complex a multiple sclerosis diagnosis could be, I would have felt totally overwhelmed and not known where to turn.”

These are the words of Lisa, a former senior public service manager who suffered a devastatingly aggressive case of multiple sclerosis.

MS Donate - Lisa's MS Story from Multiple Sclerosis Limited on Vimeo.

Lisa went from living an active lifestyle to almost being bedbound in just a couple of months. The disease affected her ability to walk and talk, wrapped her brain in fog and it left her husband, son and daughter utterly devastated.

Lisa says that there is one reason crucial element that helped her find her way back into the light. And that was our MS Advisor Service.

The MS Advisor Service is free and unique, dedicated to providing people like Lisa with everything they need in order to navigate those desperately difficult first months following a multiple sclerosis diagnosis and beyond.

From assistance with a range of grants, to counselling support, to advice with treatments, our expert MS Advisors are trained to form close partnerships with people like Lisa, ensuring that, when it comes to support, they want for nothing.

The service is truly essential, and like so many of our services, it depends heavily on donations to continue. And right now, we need to raise $430,000 as soon as possible.

That’s why we are turning to our community of friends and supporters to ask you for your kindest help. Please will you take this opportunity to make a swift and secure donation to Multiple Sclerosis Limited?

We cannot hope to take on and achieve this goal without your help.

No one sees multiple sclerosis coming, and the truth is that what happened to Lisa could happen to any one of us, at any time. Supporting our MS Advisor Service is the best way for you to ensure that none of us need ever face multiple sclerosis alone, whatever the future holds.

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