Who is Meg Denham?


It’s a question that Meg herself struggled to answer after multiple sclerosis tore apart her life.

Before her diagnosis, Meg knew exactly who she was. An active mum of three lively boys, a passionate volunteer at her children’s school, a lover of long walks through the countryside outside Hobart, and an IT professional with a keen mathematical mind.

But then multiple sclerosis came along, and it stole her energy, it stole her strength and it stole her independence. It left her incapable of doing almost all the things that once defined who she was.

Which is why Meg could barely recognise herself when she looked in the mirror, and why she came to fear that without help, she might fade away altogether.

The terrifying loss of self that Meg experienced will be sadly familiar to many men and women who know what it means to lose the things you love to multiple sclerosis.

It is a devastating problem, and one that is made even worse when multiple sclerosis has robbed people of the ability to leave their homes and seek the help they so badly need.

That’s why we created Telelink, the unique service that brings care, comfort and companionship into the living rooms of people like Meg who struggle to leave home.

Using the power of telephone conferencing technology, it links men and women with multiple sclerosis together in groups of up to 12 people, proving them with weekly sessions in which they can comfort and support one another and learn important coping strategies from expert guest speakers.

Telelink helped Meg reconnect with herself and make peace with her illness. The service means the world to her, and to hundreds of adults and teenagers who benefit from it every year.

But Telelink is entirely paid for by donations, and without your help, it will not be able to continue. That’s why we’re reaching out today to our friends and supporters, and to kind people everywhere, asking for your help to raise $134,164—enough to provide life-changing weekly Telelink sessions for the rest of the year.

Please donate a gift right now, and help ensure that neither Meg nor anyone else need ever have to face multiple sclerosis alone.
Thank you.

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