Please donate today and help us extend our MS Peer Support Program to every single man and woman in Australia struggling to shoulder the burden of multiple sclerosis alone.

Mark Elisha was just 24 when he found out he had multiple sclerosis. He thought everything would work out okay, because when you’re young you expect things to get better.

But they didn’t get better. Within two years Mark lost the job he loved, within three he and his incredibly loving and supportive family were forced to leave the life they had made in Dubai and move back to Australia, and within five he was dependent on a wheelchair.

Mark was devastated by the loss of his mobility and freedom. But what sent him spiralling into despair was his inability to come terms with the fact that his illness was incurable, and that no matter what he did nothing was ever going to change that fact.

Living with an incurable disease that gets worse over time is one of the most emotionally difficult things a person can do. No one should be expected to cope with the fear and isolation on their own.

That’s why we created our MS Peer Support Program, and why we are today asking for help from the community to extend it to every man and woman in Australia who can’t make it alone.

MS Peer Support brings people together who have experience of multiple sclerosis, by phone, by internet and in person at self-help groups.

By providing a forum for people who truly understand what it means to live with an incurable disease to support one another, it replaces fear with comfort and loneliness with friendship.

MS Peer Support helped give Mark the strength to go on when he had reached the bottom. It helped him understand that, although he’d lost a great deal to multiple sclerosis, the disease would never take the things he held most dear—love and friendship.

Please donate today, and help us train more Peer Support volunteers so that we can offer the same comfort and care to all who are struggling to shoulder the burden of multiple sclerosis alone.

MS Peer Support is funded by donations. Every cent you can spare will make a difference.

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