Our crucial Financial Assistance Program depends entirely on donations to continue, and we urgently need more funds before Christmas.

Please donate what you can manage today, and help us protect the right of every person with multiple sclerosis to live with as much freedom and dignity as their health will allow.

72-year-old Pam didn’t choose to struggle financially. Her illness, multiple sclerosis, did—by robbing her of the feeling in her legs and forcing her onto disability benefits.

Somehow Pam still managed to make ends meet, even with her partially blind grown-up son, Grant, to care for. Thanks to their car, she was able to get them to hospital appointments, to do the weekly grocery shop and ensure she and her son didn’t become isolated and lonely.

Until, that is, Pam found herself no longer able to safely use her pedals—and discovered that adapting her car for hand controls would cost far more than they could afford.

As a result, Pam was forced to give up her license. And for the next six months, she and her son became almost entirely housebound, living as virtual prisoners in their own home.

Pam’s situation is one that hundreds of people living with multiple sclerosis will be all too familiar with. Impoverished by their illness, they lose their freedom and their dignity because they can’t access the care, the equipment or the home and vehicle modifications that those with more money can so easily afford.

It’s to help people who find themselves in desperate situations like these that we created our donation-funded Financial Assistance Program.

By offering generous grants to men and women like Pam who have nowhere else to turn, it ensures that a low income doesn’t stop people living as independently and comfortably as their health will allow.

Since we launched our Financial Assistance Program, hundreds of people have regained freedom they thought they’d lost forever—which is why we are so concerned that a lack of funds could shut it down.

High demand for our help and care throughout 2018 has placed an enormous strain on our resources. The services that have been affected the most are those that depend entirely on donations to continue. And that includes our Financial Assistance Program.

That’s why we’re reaching out to all who are reading these words to ask for donations today. We need to raise $269,679 before Christmas, and we won’t succeed without a lot of help.

If you can afford to donate, please do so securely online right now.

Thanks to gifts from people like you, the good news is we were able to help Pam cover the cost of adapting her car, and she and her son are able to access the world outside their home once again.

Their lives are so much better now. But hundreds of men and women still need our help. So please donate a Christmas gift to Multiple Sclerosis Limited today.

Whatever you can manage will help ensure that no one need endure multiple sclerosis alone in 2019.

Thank you.

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