Multiple sclerosis doesn’t just wreck bodies. It wrecks relationships.

But with the right support from the right professionals, healing can happen.

Please donate today and help us raise $375,472 to continue to provide access to the specialised physiotherapists, facilities and equipment that couples like Debbie and Harley desperately need to recover their hope and happiness.

When Harley Hodgson married his partner and promised to care for her in sickness and in health, he never dreamt his vow would be tested so soon.

But then, out of the blue, Debbie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. And over the course of a single year, she went from hiking in Alaska to needing a wheelchair.

Debbie had no choice but to leave her job, forcing Harley to take on extra hours to make up for lost income. They went from husband and wife to living more like caregiver and patient. The joy that had defined their relationship was replaced with exhaustion, and no one seemed able to help them.

Then, one life-changing day, Debbie contacted Multiple Sclerosis Limited and we arranged for her to see one of our specialist physiotherapists. And after just one eye-opening session, Harley and Debbie felt their faith in the future return.

You see, the difference our specially trained physiotherapists – who have access to the right facilities, equipment and information – make can be truly dramatic. With an expertly tailored exercise regime, we’ve seen clients go from dependence on a walking frame to walking unaided in a matter of weeks.

The results we’re achieving are bringing happiness, health and renewed hope to so many. The only problem is, right now there are simply not enough specialist multiple sclerosis physiotherapists to meet demand.

That’s why we’re asking you and everyone who reads these words to please help us raise $375,472 before the end of the financial year.

Hundreds of people like Harley and Debbie need access to specialised services and equipment to reach their goals of increased mobility and independence. And with the help of your donation, we can make sure this is available to more people than ever before.

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Thank you so much.

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