One of the most terrifying things about living with multiple sclerosis is that no one can tell you what tomorrow may bring.

Matt Roger

Please help people like Matt Roger prepare for the future and face it without fear by donating a gift in support of our MS Education Program today.

There’s never a good moment to find out you have multiple sclerosis. But for Matt Roger, the timing could scarcely have been worse.

The diagnosis came just three days after Matt had learned that his wife Sherree was pregnant with their first child. In the blink of an eye, their joy turned to fear.

The news left their minds spinning with questions about how the illness might affect Matt as a father. But Matt’s doctor couldn’t tell them anything for certain.

While it was possible that Matt might be chasing his kids around the park for years to come, it was equally possible that he might be too weak to even stand in a few months’ time.

There was simply no way to say for sure what the future held for them now, and that uncertainty left Matt and Sherree feeling devastated.

And yet, just because a person can’t determine the course of their multiple sclerosis journey, that needn’t mean they are at the mercy of the disease and powerless to protect themselves.

Here at Multiple Sclerosis Limited, we know that with the right information and support, people like Matt and Sherree can prepare themselves for whatever may lay ahead. And instead of fearing the future, they can approach it with confidence—safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens next they won’t have to face the future alone.

That’s why we created our MS Education Program—the unique service that provides multiple sclerosis patients and their families with access to expert support and advice online, in person and at special Family Wellness Days.

The Program empowers thousands of people each year to take back control of their lives from multiple sclerosis. But because it’s entirely funded by donations, this powerful service is as vulnerable as it is vital.

Every single cent it costs to run our MS Education Program comes from friends in the community like you. That’s why we’re asking you today to please donate a gift today of whatever you can afford to help us meet the cost of keeping it running this year.

Matt and Sherree tried to struggle on alone with multiple sclerosis for many years. But when Matt’s condition took a sudden turn for the worse, and he found himself facing life in a wheelchair, the MS Education Program was able to provide information on symptom and day to day life management.

As Matt explains in this moving video, the MS Education Program has made his family realise they aren’t alone.

To keep the MS Education Program running, it costs us around $163,990 every year. These are the programs that helped give Matt, Sherree and their children the confidence to face multiple sclerosis without fear and are so important to many Australians.

Without help to raise this sum, we would have no choice to close our MS Education Program, leaving thousands of families to face the terrifying uncertainty of multiple sclerosis on their own.

That’s why we are asking caring people like you to please donate towards our MS Education Program today. A gift of whatever you can afford will be a huge help, ensuring people with multiple sclerosis have the professional advice, support and guidance they need to stay in control of their lives.

Please click here to make your donation.

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