Raising a young child when you have multiple sclerosis is too difficult on your own.

Please donate a gift and help us raise $455,000 before the end of the financial year, so that parents like Andrea can continue to care for their kids with confidence and without fear.

Looking after yourself when you have multiple sclerosis is challenging enough. And looking after a growing toddler as well? Now this can be completely overwhelming.

Just ask Andrea, a young mum who started to lose the ability to walk just as her baby Oscar was finding his. As his boundaries widened and her own shrunk, she was terrified that it was just a matter of time before she would no longer be able to care for her beloved son.

Thankfully the specialist nurses and social workers who run our MS Advisor Service were able to help. They found Andrea a home carer to support her parenting, ensuring she and her son had everything they needed to stay happy, healthy and safe together.

The MS Advisor Service helps hundreds of people cope with multiple sclerosis every year. It depends 100% on donations, and right now we need to raise $455,000 to help keep it going.

Please donate a tax-deductible gift today, and help ensure that no-one need ever face the challenges of parenting with MS alone.

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