Coping alone with the challenges of multiple sclerosis is tough at any time of year

At Christmas, it can be truly unbearable. This Christmas, please help us raise $252,384 to fund our life-changing MS Peer Support service. So that next Christmas, people with multiple sclerosis like Lisa Sheehan will have a community of understanding people to help carry them on the difficult journey ahead.


The damage that multiple sclerosis does to a person’s body can be horrendous. But for many it’s the emotional impact of the disease that’s hardest to bear. So it proved to be the case for Lisa Sheehan.

It wasn’t the loss of her nursing career, nor being forced into a wheelchair, that drove Lisa to the edge of despair. It was the fact that she could no longer look after her beloved granddaughter on her own. This left her feeling devastated.

Lisa was desperate to meet men and women in the same boat as her who might truly understand what she was going through. She longed for companionship on her long and lonely multiple sclerosis journey. But sadly, her nearest peer support group wassome 80 kilometres away—which for a wheelchair-bound woman like her might as well have been 8,000.

And so Lisa continued to suffer one blow after another alone and in silence. Not wanting to add to her family’s burden of care, she hid her emotions as best she could, and she sunk further and further into despair.

It’s a heart-breaking situation that too many people living with multiple sclerosis find themselves in—not just those who have the illness, but their family members and carers too.

Hundreds of men, women and teenagers across Australia currently have no access to a peer support group. And that’s a huge problem, because the fact is, only those with direct experience of multiple sclerosis can truly understand the emotional challenges of life with the disease.

That’s why we launched our MS Peer Support program, and why we are asking you and everyone else who cares enough to read these words to please donate a badly-needed gift to Multiple Sclerosis Limited this Christmas.

We need your help to raise $252,384 to fund vital services like MS Peer Support—a unique program dedicated to helping people like Lisa connect, comfort and carry each other thorough the good times and the bad.

Our MS Peer Support program provides absolutely everything that volunteers need in order to set up successful group support sessions in the heart of their communities.

Please click here to make your donation.

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