No one should have to face multiple sclerosis on their own.

Watch this moving video of Katy Skene, who is living with multiple sclerosis.

Warning: what you read next about the treatment of Australians with multiple sclerosis will outrage you.

Please transform anger into positive action by helping us raise $80,000 to fund crucial services for people living with multiple sclerosis—including young Australians like Katy Skene who have been forced to live in nursing homes for the elderly.

Most would agree that nursing homes for the elderly are sometimes necessary for the welfare of those who are nearing the end of their journeys. But they are no place for young people who have their whole lives ahead of them.

So try to imagine Katy’s horror when she found herself in need of residential support to cope with multiple sclerosis and was told the only room available for her was in aged care.

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Katy was just 33-years-old at the time, and yet she was forced to share a small room with a lady in her eighties who was suffering from severe dementia, their beds separated by only a thin curtain. 

The common room provided little escape, filled as it was by men and women fifty years her senior. The loneliness was terrible, but even worse for Katy was the fact that she had no idea if she would ever leave. 

It’s hard to believe that nearly 800 young people with multiple sclerosis are being forced to live in such inappropriate housing in Australia today. 

If you share our outrage and want to help us build a better, fairer, more compassionate Australia for people like Katy who are living with multiple sclerosis, please donate a secure online gift right now.

Katy is one of the fortunate few. Thanks to MS, she was able to leave behind aged care after 15 dark months, and today has her own room in a purpose built residence inhabited by people her own age.

For her, the darkness is over. But for many others, the darkness continues. Please donate a gift today, and take action to end this outrage today.

Thank you. 

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