Corporate Governance

The Board of Multiple Sclerosis Limited has agreed the Governance Statement setting out the roles and general accountabilities of the board and company management and the way by which the company is directed and managed.

It includes an outline of the way the company monitors and assesses risks, and how accountability for performance and achieving the company's objectives is managed. The statement is a set of guidelines only and intended to be flexible and subject to change as MSL's circumstances change.

Voting members have the right to nominate a person to be a Director of Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL). You can read all about this in Section 6.4 of our Constitution.

In summary, a person who wishes to nominate for election must:

  • Provide the Company with a signed notice stating they would like to be considered for election 60–90 business days before the meeting;
  • Have a written endorsement from at least seven other members; and
  • Sign a consent to act as a director

So there is an opportunity for a person to nominate themselves or another candidate to be elected, if the process described in section 6 of the constitution is followed.

You will appreciate that the above is a simplified summary and that we cannot provide legal advice, so members interested in this topic are encouraged to read the Constitution in full and to seek independent professional advice.

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