Help MS stand for more than multiple sclerosis

At MS we want everyone living with this chronic disease to get the support they need to live the best life they can.

We want them to be more than their disease.

Because MS doesn’t just stand for multiple sclerosis.
MS stands for the stories of more than 25,000 Aussies living with the disease.
It stands for My Story.

Stories like Scott's. Scott couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t work, couldn’t even get himself dressed. Our MS Connect service was his lifeline. We connected him into education sessions, to help him understand the disease and his symptoms. Our MS Consultants were an understanding ear on the end of the phone.

Your donations enable people affected by multiple sclerosis to do all the special, everyday things we take for granted. You can help MS stand for more than multiple sclerosis.

Download a copy of the latest Impact Report to see what impact your donations make in the lives of people affected by multiple sclerosis. 

Donate monthly

I want to help make MS stand for more than multiple sclerosis.

With a monthly donation, you’ll give people living with multiple sclerosis an understanding shoulder to lean on through our free MS Connect telephone and email service.

You'll give them MS Education sessions, to help them live well and understand their disease.

You'll give them the promise that somebody will be there from the day they're diagnosed and each day forward, linking them into vital services like allied health, home modifications and equipment, social inclusion activities and employment support.

You'll make sure their treasured carers get a well-deserved break with the support of our MS respite and accommodation service.

We can't do it without you.

One-off donation

I want to help someone like Nadine right now, and help make MS stand for more than Multiple Sclerosis.

Nadine was totally overwhelmed by her multiple sclerosis.

She was suffering from dizziness, muscle pain and fatigue - not the sort of fatigue that you and I will feel after a hard day in the garden, but totally debilitating fatigue like you have never experienced in your life.

Last year Nadine, mother of Jonah, Caitlin and Neisha, had a new goal. She had to learn to walk again - no mean task as it took her 18 months of working with a neuro-physiotherapist to get her walking confidently and unaided.

Since multiple sclerosis struck in 2012 Nadine has striven to make life as normal as possible for her children. While she has struggled to overcome the debilitating fatigue that comes with this disease, Nadine is no different to so many other mothers coping with multiple sclerosis, who all show enormous fortitude and bravery so that their children need not fear the consequences of their mother's illness.

Please support Nadine and all of our clients living with multiple sclerosis with your most generous gift today. Your gift will make their extraordinary efforts look ordinary.

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