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Who Are Our MS Ambassadors?

MS Ambassadors are inspirational volunteers who are either living with multiple sclerosis or caring for someone who does. MS Ambassadors participate in public speaking presentations to:

  • People living with multiple sclerosis
  • Community groups
  • University and school staff and students
  • Hospital staff
  • Research institutions
  • Other chronic illness organisations
  • The corporate sector
  • Fundraising events

What do the ambassadors speak about?

Our ambassadors are all dedicated volunteers who are excited to share their stories and experiences with multiple sclerosis. These public speaking engagements are designed to be educational and inspirational experiences so that people who may be unfamiliar with multiple sclerosis can learn firsthand what happens in the day-to-day lives of people affected by the condition.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, family situations, jobs and cultures, each MS Ambassador has a unique experience with multiple sclerosis. They each share their own journey with this unpredictable disease with honesty and humour, motivating and inspiring audiences with their personal courage and determination.

With such diversity represented, it’s easy to find an MS Ambassador who is perfectly suited to speak at your next corporate, school or community event. If you’d like to book one of our speakers reach out to MS and find out about the ambassadors available for functions in your state.

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