Alex Jacobs

While on a cruise with friends in 2007, Alex Jacobs experienced severe pain in her right thumb and then two days later the pain had spread across her fingers and up her neck. Alex had no idea of what lay ahead and how much her life was about to change.

One week later, at the age of 33, unable to lift or use her right hand or arm and experiencing visual disturbances, Alex was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Relieved to finally have a name for all the strange things that had been happening to her during the past couple of years, Alex set out to find out as much about multiple sclerosis as possible.

What followed was a period of time spent researching every aspect of multiple sclerosis; from treatments to medical studies and natural therapies. Immediately, Alex was struck by the unpredictable nature of her condition and realised how ignorant she had been about it. Soon after returning to work, Alex began to experience first-hand how misunderstood MS really is in society. "Colleagues, friends and even some family members, had me in a wheelchair and unable to take care of myself," she says.

With a positive, outgoing personality and the help of an amazing support network of family and friends, Alex is optimistic about what lays ahead. "I'm not saying I have it all figured out but I am taking things as they come, finding new and creative ways to adapt to whatever symptoms I am experiencing and learning to grow with my condition," she says.

Never one to sit on the side lines and watch life go by, Alex started a new career in the public service working full-time in Communications, and is studying for her Master’s degree. Alex hopes that through her role as an MS Ambassador, she can help educate the community about MS and help build a culture of understanding and acceptance.

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