Bethany Lamont

“Passionate and determined to achieve everything I set in my sights”

bethany lamontIn 2009, Bethany Lamont moved to Sydney for a sea change, when she began to experience extreme neck and shoulder pain on her right side, strange itching sensations and goose bumps would come and go on her arm. This happened over several weeks until one day she woke up and realised her right arm was totally numb and she was unable to grip anything. After attending a chiropractor for treatment she was soon referred to specialists for further investigations only to discover she had multiple sclerosis.

Since being diagnosed in 2010, Bethany now aged 39, has graduated from post graduate legal studies and became a newly minted lawyer in 2016. During her studies, she continued her work as a manager in the public service and raising a foster child on her own. Bethany has now been accepted in the Women in Law Enforcement Strategy mentoring program with the aim of pursuing her legal career to a senior position within the public service.

Bethany says, “as a lawyer I hope to contribute to reforms to support vulnerable people in the community who need a champion in their corner. As a woman, who is mixed-race, raising a foster child on my own with a disability, I fit nearly every recognised equity group. This just makes me more passionate and determined to achieve everything I set in my sights!”

Suffice to say, despite the challenges Bethany has faced since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis she has rocketed ahead with life.

Bethany has learned to work around changes in her leg mobility, mood, fatigue and general wellbeing. She has found the services offered through MS to be invaluable, in particular the training by her MS immunotherapy nurse when she had to learn how to administer multiple weekly immunosuppressant injections. She has also found benefit from participating in regular information seminars about living successfully with multiple sclerosis, using the referrals for support services around the home and now has an MS Connect Support Coordinator to arrange individualised support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (the NDIS).

MS Ambassador Bethany Lamont will inspire you with her engaging presence and abundance of inner strength.

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