Caitlin Searle

“Strive to be better every day”

caitlin searleOn 24 October 2013, then 25-year-old ACT resident and public servant Caitlin was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. It’s a date she still remembers so clearly.  With the help of the MS team, Caitlin commenced treatment to delay the progression of the disease.  This articulate young lady’s MS journey had begun.

Caitlin has experienced symptoms ranging from vertigo, dizziness, numbness, fatigue, temporary blindness and heat intolerance – all the classic “invisible” symptoms of multiple sclerosis which effects over 25,000 Australians.  The 2013 diagnosis was both a shock and a relief to Caitlin, having come after she experienced strange unexplained symptoms over some time.  It was however the emotional reaction which followed this diagnosis which Caitlin describes as much tougher to come to grips with.

The next year was a blur of “functional-motion” – working and socialising like normal to others but many a sleepless night for Caitlin.  Caitlin didn’t feel entitled to be “messed up”, considering her efficient diagnosis, treatment and support – but slowly this independent individual is “giving herself a break” and learning not to put so much pressure on herself.

This positive woman considers herself a work in continual progress and “strives to be better every day”. She “doesn’t sweat the small stuff” anymore and continues her fulfilling career that has seen her jet-setting around the globe and work in Parliament House, a lifelong ambition.

Caitlin has continued to obtain the support of the MS team, seeking assistance for things like injection techniques, testing symptoms with MS nurses in advance of appointments with the neurologist, or just asking any one of the many questions she has had over the last five years.

Caitlin is keen to share with her audiences how her diagnosis has changed her for good, and to raise awareness about living with the challenge of multiple sclerosis within the ACT community. The MS Ambassador Program warmly welcomes MS Ambassador Caitlin Searle to our team.

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