Erin Hogan

“Find the positive and funny side to your MS - a sense of humour works wonders”

Erin HoganAllow me to introduce to you an amazing young woman by the name of Erin Hogan. Erin was born three months prematurely and grew up with the challenge of mild cerebral palsy from birth.  However, that didn’t stop her from achieving a university degree in Social Science (Counselling).  At age twenty-one, Erin experienced a low point with her mental health but fortunately was supported by family and a great group of health professionals who assisted her to manage the condition. Through her recovery, Erin’s life changed for the better. She got a new full-time job, moved into an apartment by herself and bought a new car – happy days!
During 2011 Erin experienced unusual symptoms of headaches, vision changes, pain and clumsiness. She realised something was not quite right.  Following an MRI Erin was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis at twenty-five-years of age.  Numerous treatments were commenced but they did not successfully halt the progression of the disease.  Late in 2016, a diagnosis of primary progressive MS was decided upon. Unfortunately, this type of MS has no effective treatments – yet!  What a rollercoaster-ride her life has been so far!
Now in her thirties, Erin, currently shares her life with Abbie her “fur-child” and feels her world is not as she has pictured it would be.  Erin works part time now, and sensibly conservers her energy due to fatigue and decreased mobility, with the assistance from her essential “aid family”.   Speedy her wheelchair, Gonzalez her walker, Forest Gump – her leg braces and Hercules – her trusty scooter. According to Erin, it’s a great conversation starter when she introduces them to people! Erin believes it’s necessary to embrace MS as part of her life. That’s why her attitude to “take life as it comes” and her sense of humour are essential to making her MS experience more manageable.
MS is not a complete negative impact on her life, but it is not a walk in the park either.  Every day is a battle and some days she wonders why me? why did I get this? Then I think why not me? MS doesn’t discriminate. Erin doesn’t know what the future, tomorrow or even the next 10 minutes will bring.  All she can do is be happy with her life and thankful for the love and support she receives. 

Erin has accessed MS Limited services, such as the MS Connect Line, which provided her with the gateway to living well with MS and has been significant in Erin’s MS journey and life. In 2016.  Erin was awarded a MS Go for Gold Scholarship for Travel, which enabled her to follow her dream to go on her first cruise to celebrate her 30th birthday.  Erin also receives assistance with her NDIS plan through the MS Support Coordination service – another vital service. The MS Walk and Fun Run ACT is also an event close to Erin’s heart, as it raises awareness and necessary funds for people with MS.  Erin and her team Speedy and Co have also participated in this event since 2014.   Erin hopes that through her volunteer MS Ambassador role, she will raise awareness about MS and the need for supports for people living with MS.
MS Ambassador Erin is an articulate speaker, who has a passion to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis and will inspire and motivate you to not take anything for granted.

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