Virginia Ferguson

“MS is not the end; it is a beginning of a different path of my life, one that is now wonderful and full of love, healing and harmony”

VirginiaChronic fatigue and unexplained numbness became an increasingly overwhelming problem in my life. I am a bubbly and busy sales consultant working in the building industry. As it progressed, I thought I had pinched nerve, until the numbness started to spread, and walking became a challenge.

I was initially diagnosed with a stroke, following admission to the hospital, but further tests and vision disturbance confirmed a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  

When I first met my neurologist, on the day of my diagnosis, he introduced himself, stood just inside the door and then delivered the news that I had MS. Just like that! 

Did I have any questions he asked? I replied was I going to die or end up in a wheelchair? ‘No,’ he said, ‘you will probably outlive me and with the drug therapy advances, there is no reason for you to end up in a wheelchair.’  With that he left. I was numb. 

Following a course of steroids, I was discharged home to my loving husband who had taken time off work to help me.  But I had no time to waste. I felt the best way forward would be to have a delightful European holiday and this experience lead me to the mindset I now have, determined to live a clean, organic life, without sugar and only using all organic locally sourced produce. 

I also registered with Multiple Sclerosis Limited, the peak body supporting people living with MS.  I now utilise exercise and mindfulness to maintain my energy levels and also coordinate a Peer Support MS Coffee Group to assist others through their MS journey.  

I don’t hide my diagnosis of this invisible disease and feel it’s better to share information about MS with those around me, which is why I am an enthusiastic MS Ambassador.

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