Lew Troman

"I feel so grateful that this condition has left my mobility, vision and coordination alone" is a thought prominent in the mind of this positive and proactive gentleman following a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis during 2013.

Lew TromanLew has lived with an initial diagnosis of 'nerve neuralgia' which has now been recognised as episodes of multiple sclerosis for a decade.

Always looking for the positive, Lew feels he is very lucky as currently his symptoms have only been sensory in nature.

Having maintained a healthy lifestyle for over the last two decades by attending gym regularly and developing a love of walking whereby he estimates he has covered over 16,000 kilometers in the last eight years, on the streets of Illawarra.

Although living with daily pain, tingling and pins and needles this "people's person" takes life in his stride, and is an avid international traveler, bushwalker, camper, kayaker and fly-fishing enthusiast. Lew refuses to let multiple sclerosis spoil his enjoyment of life with his loving wife, children and grandchildren.

A long term passion of this talented gentleman also is public speaking, which has led his offer to donate his time as an MS Ambassador to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis to educate the public about the impact of the disease on individuals and the community.

MS highly recommends this experienced public speaker who will share with you that with guidance and assistance you can take life in your stride and push on working alongside an invisible challenge.

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