Louise Abey

“Re-setting your lifestyle”

LouiseFiercely independent twenty-four-year-old Loui was living an incredibly busy lifestyle, always “doing something, going somewhere and meeting someone”.  Without a care in the world this healthy young student’s world was turned upside down by sudden chronic fatigue, dizziness, pain and mobility issues.  A journey then commenced during 2015/2016 with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis - the most common chronic neurological disease of the twenty to forty age group.

Not one to step back from a challenge, this Vet Nurse decided to make numerous lifestyle changes to manage a life with MS.  Firstly, “fitness as fuel” became a vital part of the plan and in turn “time for muscle recovery”, followed by a healthy diet, precise management of study and employment loads and a healthy dose of a dedicated support network of family and friends, including the support of her loving partner.

Loui is still “always doing something, going somewhere and meeting someone” but  cleverly re-set her lifestyle with a considered approach to also provide her an ability to live a long, happy and good quality life.

The MS Ambassador Program is delighted to have Loui, join our team of positive role models.  This young woman will share with you the benefits of stepping back and learning your limits, acknowledging when you are “over doing it” and the benefits of a sensibly managed health and wellness lifestyle.

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