Hilary Hill

“Pride not dented by a diagnosis of MS”

Hilary HillHilary Hill is a dynamic woman who is tertiary qualified and works in the food and nutrition industry. Her life was once that of a fast-paced existance while living and working remotely in Sydney. She worked full time while raising two children almost single handedly. 

In her own words Hilary's life had been that of 'disgustingly good health' until three years ago when Hilary experienced unexplained numbness.

Investigations quickly revealed a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, a confronting and “foreign status” to someone who honestly “did not know how to have” an Illness of any kind!"

In true academic style Hilary researched  the latest available information about multiple sclerosis via university websites, Google and our own MS Connect service, which encouraged Hilary and her husband to make a successful tree change to the apple isle. She has since joined an MS support group and is keen to  educate, motivateand advocate on behalf of all Australians living with MS through her role as an MS Ambassador.

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