Robin Tammens 

“MS has taught me a lot about life and myself”

Robin TammensRobin is a proud born and bred Tasmanian with a family history of multiple sclerosis, and it was no surprise to him being diagnosed in 2004 with the most common chronic neurological disease of young Australians.  A keen runner in his youth, Robin experienced sensory and fatigue related symptoms in his late 30s and later visual disturbance and decreasing mobility which led to a definite diagnosis.  During a successful 35-year career as a journalist with a Tasmanian daily newspaper as a reporter and sub-editor, life continued in the career-building, child-rearing, mortgage years – with or without the challenge of MS. 

During 2012 life changed with Robin experiencing a challenging increase in symptoms and gradually everything became harder and harder.  At the same time, significant changes were occurring within his chosen field and workplace and an opportunity of a redundancy was available and accepted.  Coincidentally, the same week Robin was also offered the opportunity to participate in an international drug trial targeting a treatment for primary progressive MS.  One door shuts and another opens.  

This kind, gentle man endeavours to make the most of life with the support of his two adult sons, family and friends and keenly participates in other multiple sclerosis-related studies to assist with putting together the pieces of the puzzle that is MS.

Robin is without doubt determined to play a big role in assisting to find effective treatments and a cure for MS, and in turn improve the quality of life of all people living with the disease both in Australia and internationally His contribution in the current drug trial has helped in the expected free listing of this treatment to all Australians who can benefit from it some-time during 2017.

The MS Ambassador program is very fortunate to have Robin on our team.  An articulate speaker who will share information about living with the challenge of multiple sclerosis and how it is possible to move closer toward s a world free of MS.

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