Amanda Campbell

“The secret of happiness and the power of love  - a story of loss and awakening”

Amanda CampbellAmanda had a fast paced, high profile professional career in the fashion industry when her life changed quickly. It took just ten days for Amanda's body to almost completely shut down. She was 29. Left-sided paralysis left the normally very focused and independent Amanda scared and without the ability to lift her left arm and leg. 

She was admitted to hospital and subsequently undertook two months of rehabilitation.  Amanda hit rock bottom and she did wonder if she would ever walk again. But somewhere Amanda found the strength to find her way back to wellness and to get her life back. 

This long journey back involved the support of many of those around her. She had a nurturing and loving family, a caring twin sister, dedicated girlfriends, but also made a change in her lifestyle and nutrition. She consulted allied health professionals; a neurologist, an applied Kinesiologist and a Neuro-Physiotherapist and step by step this group guided Amanda's muscles back to normal function. With a 50/50 chance to walk again - she ran in six weeks!

Amanda’s recovery inspired her to study a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology. With her own professional clinic “Bend Like Bamboo”, she has now dedicated her life showing others how she achieved this. Amanda has come out the other end, enjoying her life by maintaining traditional medications alongside complementary medicine and addressing her nutrition and mind with the help of kinesiology and traditional Chinese Medicine.

She hopes to stay healthy by taking on board a positive lesson from this difficult time, a definite diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  Amanda’s journey to wellness started in 2004 and since then she has dedicated her time to finding answers to why she became so unwell, and is working on unravelling the complexities of multiple sclerosis with the assistance of Kinesiology and guidance from MS health professionals.  

Amanda is thriving and enjoys sharing her journey back to wellness through her MS Ambassador role.

MS Ambassador Amanda is an enlightened public speaker who will share with you how, when you have experienced such opposites of life’s spectrum, a normal day can now bring such joy and happiness and who experiences life - aware and awake.

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