Christine Pitt

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Do it slowly, but do it.”

Christine PittChristine Pitt certainly doesn't take life's simple gifts such as putting one foot in front of the other for granted. In the past, Christine climbed Mt Kenya (15,000 feet above sea level), danced at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, enjoyed cross-country skiing and played mandolin in a bush-band for leisure. She also devoted herself to the role of carer for her mother, who was living with multiple sclerosis.

Christine's life was lived at a hectic pace, almost like she was trying to squeeze every moment of it into every minute of every day. But, unfortunately, like her mother, she too was diagnosed in 1990 at the age of 37 with multiple sclerosis. Christine, nevertheless, took the attitude that she must keep going and not give in.

Having previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Indonesian, Christine achieved a Diploma of Education and worked as a teacher, specialising in English as a second language.

She has found strength in adversity and, within reason, disregards the challenges multiple sclerosis throws at her daily, to lead a fulfilling and rich life, and still dances the slow waltzes. To her credit, this inspirational woman is also participating in a genetic research study which is researching Australia-wide in an effort to perhaps assist in answering some questions about this “no cause no cure” disease.

Christine is an articulate speaker, who has a passion to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis, and will inspire and motivate you to not take anything for granted.

What they said:

Moving account of personal experience without becoming too sentimental – presented talk extremely well
Templestowe Orchids Retirement Village

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