Denise Chipper

"Life is For Living"

Denise“You may have the onset of early multiple sclerosis,” the Ophthalmologist suggested during a consultation in 2002 with Denise who quietly and calmly replied, “So what?”  Her life has often operated on this principal and it will do fine now as well.

A busy career as a registered nurse, clinical consulting and management roles complemented this busy wife and mother’s life.  Ten years on from a possible diagnosis, this adventurous woman and her husband hooked on the caravan and travelled Australia.

Two years later following an unrelated hip operation – or so she thought – recovery did not go to plan.  The residual limp and leg dragging and significant fatigue were assumed to be a result of the long working hours!  Over the next couple of years, numerous queries were raised with health professionals by this intuitive woman re the possibility of an MS diagnosis, due to a lack of strength, stability and occasional stumbles. 

Eventually, upon definite diagnosis, the effervescent Denise wanted to yell, "whoopee", at last someone was listening.   This insightful woman after much frustration searching of the internet, went in to information overload before contacting MS Connect Information Line, which turned out to be an absolute godsend as she finally had some answers. Information ranging from newly diagnosed courses, treatments, news on research and disclosure provided Denise with the confidence to face the challenges ahead.  With her sense of humour and fatalistic attitude this sixty year old energetic woman is now dedicated to the role of volunteer MS Ambassador. She will be able to share her vast experience, both from the medical view and her own personal life for the better of the Ballarat and district community.

The MS Ambassador Program highly recommends MS Ambassador Denise Chipper who will encourage you to look at life a little differently and positively, and truly feel life is for living every day.
What they said:

  • This lady Mrs Chipper has the best attitude in coping with this disease and is a wonderful ambassador
  • Excellent presentation by Denise
  • The way Denise has faced and coped with the reality of this disease is a real inspiration to Maryborough Ladies Probus Club

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