Donna Bradley Robinson


"Positive Willpower"

Dynamic, focused and caring will be some of the emotions that will surface when first meeting MS Ambassador Donna Bradley-Robinson. Donna's childhood dream came true joining the Victoria Police in 1990. Following episodes of unexplained sensory and visual disturbance for some years accumulated in a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1994 at twenty nine years of age.

As shocking as this diagnosis was it also brought some relief answering the questions to many unexplained health issues such as sensory and visual disturbance episodes that date back to when Donna was sixteen years of age. It all fell into place. Initially gripped with fear and terror, in time, this incredible woman picked herself up, brushed herself off and decided the only way to go was educate herself and adopt the only attitude worth having - a positive one.

With a twenty year career with Victoria Police this proactive woman decided to reduce her work load and as a result her stress levels and closed the book on a successful career serving the public and entered a new chapter of her life by volunteering to assist people living with the challenge of MS.

Donna's people skills were soon recognised and appreciated and today she is back in the workforce part time undertaking the role of Planned Giving Officer (Bequests) for MS.

This amazing woman will astound you with her story telling ability, her zest for life and pro-active attitude and how she lives with the challenge of multiple sclerosis in her life.

The MS Ambassador Program is fortunate to have this delightful woman as part of our team who has an amazing ability to take her audiences on a journey of achievement and positive living.

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