Jane Ruggieri

Jane Ruggieri has up to the minute fashion sense, which reflects her many years working as an importer in the fashion industry. A wife and mother at 29, life was bliss until Jane woke up one morning with visual disturbance for no apparent reason.  

JaneFollowing months of testing, this usually confident individual was feeling uncertain about her future, after the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis during 1992.
That year turned out to be a confronting one, but it was only the beginning of the display of Jane's ongoing inner strength which she would rely upon for years to come.
The following year Jane experienced vision disturbance and mobility difficulties and soon required the aid of a walking frame as an added accessory!  She lost count of the number of times she would manage to fall at home and, in order not to alarm her daughter, would spend hours on the floor playing games while waiting for her husband to get home from work to help her up.
Jane commenced Interferon treatment and she felt she had a second chance at life, the treatment enabled her to be  independently mobile and stablilised her vision. She happily returned to part time work for some six years.

But this freedom was short-lived and Jane received a diagnosis of progressive multiple sclerosis. She was then confined to a wheelchair.  Nonetheless this incredible woman continues to remain positive by not letting multiple sclerosis take over her life and by focusing on what she can do, not what she can’t.
Jane Ruggieri is a dedicated MS Ambassador who will inspire you with her engaging presence and abundance of inner strength.
What others have said about Jane's speaking spots:
  • “Jane's story was most informative, it can be heard only from someone who is in the situation”
  • “I felt privileged to hear what it’s like living with mutliple sclerosis"

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