Jodie Haythorpe

“Connecting the dots”

JodieWith university degrees in sociology, psychology and criminology under her belt, this ambitious young woman pushed through mysterious neurological symptoms of pins and needles, depth perception and mobility issues while slowly feeling like she was “going crazy” but was determined to complete her studies – a long held dream!  
Jodie, like some of the 25,600 other Australians living with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, was surprised that she had not “connected the dots” of her family history with MS – it all now made sense.  With her supportive family and friends and surrounding herself with a dedicated group of client centred health professionals, this amazing woman achieved her education goals. 

While working fulltime in her chosen field this selfless woman also voluntarily facilitates the Bendigo MS Peer Support Group, regularly advocating and assisting other people with MS their families and carers with the challenge of living well with MS.

A decade and a half on – Jodie lives as positive a life as possible, and is dedicated to educating her local community about the support and services that are vital to living well with multiple sclerosis.

MS Ambassador Jodie is an inspirational speaker who will share with you, her journey of “connecting the dots” -  the highs and lows, the misconceptions and misunderstandings and the many surprising blessings that have resulted from her involvement within the MS community.

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