Karen Dare

"Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and get on with it"

KarenDuring 1999 twenty-year-old Karen Dare logically felt experiencing vision loss three days after her wedding, was not an ideal way to begin married life. Following moving to the USA with her fiancé and infant son, this carefree young woman felt she had her whole life ahead of her. But by the year 2000 the effervescent Karen was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of twenty-one, and now experiencing mobility and speech problems.

In time her relationship deteriorated, and she felt she was financially unable to afford MS medication that had been prescribed. Karen found it necessary to say goodbye to the “money driven” USA health system, and returned to Australia, as a young mum, with two kids under two.

Karen’s family were and still are her biggest support, but they were acutely aware their grandmother was also diagnosed with MS many years ago, and significantly affected. But regardless this clever woman, decided to pick herself up brush herself off, and get on with it - and was not going to allow MS to dictate her life.

This charming young woman who was previously a children’s entertainer, also had a strong advocacy interest in assisting asylum seekers and refugees, is without doubt, a people’s person, who you would want in your corner, if your back was against the wall.

This intelligent woman is living in the moment, but makes plans for the future although she does not know what tomorrow will bring – but that is ok – because no one does!  Karen was previously a volunteer MSL peer support worker, and was fortunate to be a successful Go for Gold Scholarship recipient in the travel category, and travelled to India to spend time volunteering in a disabled children’s orphanage and speak at the MS Society in India’s Chennai Chapter. 

MS Ambassador Karen is a volunteer public speaker and an outstanding communicator, who has decided to follow her dream of travelling when she can, and live life to the full, and refuses to curl up and be defeated.
The MS Ambassador Program is fortunate Karen Dare has volunteered to share her time and talent speaking to the community to improve the quality of life of all people living with multiple sclerosis.

What they said

“Karen was great her speech was very good and she held the attention of the audience throughout
 – no mean feat at the Cherry Bar on a Friday night”.    

Dave Stevens
RHR Music
Chrissy Amphlett Tribute Concert

“Excellent presentation - knowledge Karen was fund and excellent – thank you”.
Sundowns Activity Group Sunbury Community Health Centre

 “Really enjoyed it – Karen is an excellent presenter”
Sunbury Peer Support Group

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