Kate Louis 

“The view is just right from here”

Kate LouisKate Louis, a consultant physician, has been living with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis since 2002.
Many diagnosed with MS often describe invisible symptoms as both a convenience and curse. Convenience comes from being able to delay disclosure by personal choice, but a lack of understanding from those around you about unseen, disabling symptoms, can be a curse.

Kate experiences fatigue, vision problems, temperature sensitivity, balance and vertigo issues: all a perfect display of this classic invisible condition.

She cleverly manages her MS and working life by working part time, keeping fit by exercising most days, volunteering when time allows and maintaining a wellness lifestyle.

Although not glad she has MS, Kate does celebrate the positives that have accompanied this change to her life. She has made some wonderful friends in the MS community, and found improved quality of life by rearranging and prioritising what is really important to her. Once she stopped focusing on climbing the “ladder of success” she discovered the view is just right from where she is!

The MS Ambassador Program is delighted to have Kate on board as she share her perspective from both the patient and the health professional side of the hospital bed.  Those involved in health care, from students to seasoned professionals, will all benefit from the profound insights Kate can offer.

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