Kimberley Croxford 

Thinking laterally”

I first noticed a sudden loss of function when out partying with friends – but as is typical of a young carefree woman, I waited until Monday to have this disturbing symptom checkout by my GP. At this consultation I was suddenly rushed to emergency, underwent various tests and was efficiently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - within a week.

Kimberley CroxfordI was working fulltime in real estate property management at the time and life went on with the assistance of disease modifying therapies. I moved to a property management role, which is an extremely stressful environment, and which, unfortunately, was not an ideal setting for someone living with MS.

I stepped aside, thinking laterally, and continued working part-time in a less stressful role. I happily got engaged to the love of my life and marriage and motherhood followed quickly - along with a healthy pregnancy. Three months to the day following childbirth I had vision issues that manifested into complete temporary vision loss.

My husband and family provided dedicated support and helped me to care for my baby during this challenging time. Three years later I gave birth to my second child and thankfully, was fortunate with that pregnancy and birth and I had no ill effects on my MS.

With my children now in school I can follow my passion of raising awareness about living with the challenge of multiple sclerosis as a young mother where I live in the Geelong community.

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