Marilyn & Tig Simmons

“Extraordinarily unique” is the term that comes to mind when describing 70 year old MS Ambassador Marilyn, who is the third generation member of her family to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her paternal grandmother had multiple sclerosis symptoms, although she pre-dated formal diagnosis, along with two paternal aunts, a paternal cousin, tand with her identical twin sister.  All have had to live with a diagnosis of the most common chronic neurological condition affecting the 20-50 age group.

Marilyn and TigMarilyn, who has lived with MS since 1962 was fortunate her family embraced this neurological burden and found family love and support. This appeared paramount in dealing with the day to day challenge of this unpredictable disease, which not only affects the individual but also the whole family,
Marilyn is now a retired home economics and textiles teacher and never lets the grass grow under her feet or lets her hands lay idle.
Tig Simmons, Marilyn’s partner in marriage for 45 years, shares the daily challenge of multiple sclerosis. The joy of two adult sons and loving grandchildren, keep this loving and community-minded couple busy.  Marilyn is a dedicated volunteer with many organisations including the Puffing Billy Railway, St Matthews Church and numerous volunteer roles within the MS community.
The role of carer and joint speaker is second nature to the semi-retired Tig. Along with his wicked sense of humour, Tig volunteers his knowledge, and as he puts it, of his advanced degree in “wheelchair pushing” and post graduate qualifications in “breakfast in bed making”. 
The MS Ambassador Program highly recommends this effervescent double act Marilyn & Tig Simmons, who will share with you their secrets of living well together, team work and communication whilst raising awareness about multiple sclerosis.

What people have said about Marilyn and Tig's speaking spots:
  • ”A good example of an everyday couple who display particularly good communication ability”
  • ”Good luck to Marilyn and MS”
  • ”Excellent Ambassador for MS.  They get the message out very well and Probus Clubs should be specific targets” - Probus Club of Frankston

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