Mark & Brenda Fisher

"Live life - a life I wouldn't swap and I don't want to miss a thing"

Mark and Brenda FisherMS Ambassador Mark Fisher has lived with the challenge of a diagnosis of progressive multiple sclerosis since 1996. Despite what life has thrown in the path of this intuitive, enlightened and gentle man - he has a desire to live life - a life he wouldn't swap for anything and he doesn't want to miss a thing!

This loving husband and father of three young adults, views life from a wheelchair, but sees this as just another obstacle which he has chosen not to allow to get the better of him and sees "wheels" as a helpful solution to his mobility dilemma. From the beginning Brenda has been by his side and is a constant in their ever-changing life.  Previously a keen sportsman participating at elite levels involving VFA Under 19's and State League Water Polo, Mark has taken with him the desire to participate enthusiastically as part of "life's team" which is a legacy from his previous physical pursuits. Following slow deterioration of his mobility, Mark disappointedly had to retire early at the age of thirty-seven while still a young person with many things yet to accomplish. 

Mark looks to the future with great optimism and constantly puts his hand up to actively participate in medical trials and was the second person in Australia to participate in a "Stem Cell Transplant" project at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 1999. The MS community owes a great deal to Mark and Brenda for their selfless participation to improve the quality of life on behalf of people living with the challenge of MS. 2007 was a big year for Mark, who following being guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Sunbury, Mark was nominated for a Rotary International Shine on Award and received a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his community achievements being a shining example to all of us. Mark also was invited to become an honorary Rotarian during 2007with the Rotary Club of Sunbury. In 2010 Mark, Brenda and their daughter Tayla, travelled to China to compete in the World Choir Games bringing home a Silver Medal for Australia, proving that disability need not get in the way of your dreams!

Mark intends to keep one step ahead emotionally of the silent demyelination occurring within his central nervous system by working with the positive, and leaves the negatives to the doctors. Taking one step ahead alongside Mark is his wife Brenda, who supports her husband 120% in their endeavours to push aside the negatives and source motivational and inspirational life achievements. When possible MS Ambassadors Mark & Brenda speak together raising awareness about MS from the perspective of a person with MS and a carer. 

Throughout 2013 and early 2014, Brenda worked tirelessly by spearheading a petition and presenting nearly 11,000 signatures to the Australian Government for the medication Fampyra to be accepted onto the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, although unsuccessful it is due to hard work that the price of this drug was reduced by $400 per month and allows more people with Multiple Sclerosis to have further choices in their treatments.

Both active Peer support workers, Mark and Brenda started facilitating a Peer support group in their home town showing others that live with MS and their families that there is life beyond their diagnosis. Mark and Brenda are also involved in online support groups and are always pursuing ways to raise awareness within the community.

The MS Ambassador Program is honored to have Mark & Brenda Fisher as members of our team - Mark and Brenda are great people and constantly advocate for all people living with the challenge of multiple sclerosis.

  • 2007 Rotary Shine on Award Commendation,
  • 2009 Go for Gold,
  • 2011 RMIT Leadership Plus Graduate,
  • 2014 Kathleen Aitken Citizen of Distinction Rotary Club of Sunbury.
  • 2013 MS Heroes Encouragement Award
  • 2014 Kathleen Aitken Citizen of Distinction Rotary Club of Sunbury.
  • 2014 Multiple Sclerosis International Federation Nominee for International Caregiver
 What they said:
  • An excellent presentation given in easy to understand language. Congratulations to Mark and Brenda on the way they expressed their message”
  • “Mark and Brenda are an inspirational couple" University of the 3rd Age Sunbury

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