Mark Slade

It will take just these four words: “Don’t say I can’t” - to propel  54yo MS Ambassador Mark Slade into action, regardless of his 1993 diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, the most common chronic neurological condition of young Australians.

Decades of symptoms ranging from numbness, vision and speech difficulty through to complete immobility, many months in and out of a wheelchair and considerable time in rehabilitation has, ironically, had a positive side effect on this stoic and determined gentleman.
Drawing on his long standing involvement in the arts and love of theatre, Mark knows that regardless of what multiple sclerosis throws his way, “the show must go on”, one way or another. 
Currently working as a qualified swimming instructor, dive coach and life guard, this incredibly gentle soul finds motivation from the simple things in life.
“If I can put my feet on the ground and stand up, then I know today will be a good day,” says Mark who dismisses ever giving up and prefers to simply give things a go!
Residing in the highly motivated sporting society of Mildura provides constant opportunity for this impressive man to pursue his love of triathlons, swimming, running and bike riding.  During 2010, this highly motivated MS Ambassador was awarded the “2010 Athlete with a Disability Award” at the Northern Mallee Sports Star Awards.
The MS Ambassador Program highly recommends MS Ambassador Mark Slade, who will share his natural motivation to reach his potential with positive thinking and leaving the negatives in his wake.
What people have said about Mark's speaking spots:
  • “Informative presentation, great presenter.  Positive attitude seeing the glass as half full not half empty. Of most value was the strength of a person with MS” - Rotary Club of Mildura
  • “The students took away a lot of knowledge of multiple sclerosis and have become aware of what it is and are now keen on getting involved in raising more awareness.  The speaker really did get the students interested and amazed with his story and his sporting achievements.” - Merbein P-10 Secondary College - Mildura 
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