Martin Stow

“Accept it, deal with it and get on with it,” is how this stoic, online training business owner dealt with neurological symptoms since 1992 and eventually his

Martin was born and bred in England and has sixteen years service with the West Yorkshire Police Force under his belt.  This provides fond memories of his time as a “Bobby on the Beat” with endless tales to share. 
Martin holidayed in Australia with his wife and young sons and loved it very much. Before long, they migrated in September 1997 permanently and he is now an active and dedicated Rotarian.  Martin is involved in many community activities including working with the long term unemployed and enjoys supporting his local area through Rotary and his current role as an MS Ambassador. 

Multiple sclerosis challenges this busy man’s mobility and energy levels, but business doesn’t stop.  Now, with intelligent and accommodating management, his online Learning Information Management system works with him, not against him.
MS Connect has provided Martin with numerous resources and information on how best to achieve as full and healthy a lifestyle as possible, while managing his issues with fatigue and gait – putting him in the driver’s seat to continue on as effectively as possible on his journey with multiple sclerosis.
MS Ambassador Martin Stow is a public speaker who will share with you his positive outlook on life, in spite of the neurological challenges thrown his way, and who is dedicated to continue “on the beat” in raising awareness about living with the challenge of multiple sclerosis around the Bellarine Peninsula.

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