Nigel Caswell

"I'm a NORMAL PERSON who just happens to have MS, I can do and make a worthwhile contribution to society"

Nigel CaswellIn 1993, at the age of forty nine, MS Ambassador Nigel Caswell was diagnosed with the most common chronic neurological disease of the twenty to fifty age group. Despite this, Nigel does not consider himself ill. As he puts it plainly, "I'm not ill; I'm a normal healthy person who happens to have multiple sclerosis".

Originally from England, Nigel migrated to Australia in 1972. Nigel was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over twenty years ago but it seems likely that the slow but progressive gait changes almost forty years ago were most probably due to this neurological nuisance. Challenging and significant mobility issues don't give Nigel an excuse to let the grass grow under his feet. He is a lover of the Australian bush and, although he uses two crutches or a wheelchair to get about, he is still an enthusiastic camper.

Nigel’s previous professional life included working as the General Manager for Parks Victoria, where he was fortunate to work along-side professionals who were tolerant and understanding. Nigel’s no fuss, strategic approach to managing this particular challenge has obviously rubbed off on those who surround him. Unfortunately, some others with challenging health issues are not so lucky.

Nigel is a member of several hospital committees, a volunteer at a local emergency relief organisation, a funeral and marriage celebrant, a member of the MS Advisory Council and President of People with Multiple Sclerosis Victoria. Nigel was awarded an OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia) in the 2013 Australia Day honours.

The MS Ambassador Program highly recommends this motivated and entertaining MS Ambassador who will share with you his inspirational and intriguing views on disability, life experience and the future. 
What they said:
  • “Excellent ambassador – one of our best speakers – great presentation” - Rotary Club of Sandringham

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