Paula Allison

Paula Allison is an independent 57yo woman working in information technology training roles. She is also a self-confessed sports fanatic, involved in volley ball, tennis, and snow skiing, and will give anything a go! 

PaulaDuring 2003 Paula was rushing to work through Flinders Street Station one evening. This efficient woman noticed a slight limp affecting her mobility and queried if she had a pinched nerve.  Following a consultation with a physiotherapist, a specialist, a brain scan and other neurological testing, a definite diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was given 12 ago at the age of 45.
With little knowledge of what multiple sclerosis was, Paula’s only thought was Betty Cuthbert, who was living in a wheelchair.  This level headed woman sought expert advice from our client services team on what to expect from this degenerative neurological condition. 
Armed with expert knowledge and support of her husband and family and the MS health professionals, this engaging woman took on the attitude “as long as I can - I will” and enrolled in MS Education programs such as “Working but Worried” and “Strength Training”.
While working almost full time, partially from her home office, this insightful and intuitive woman has maintained control of her own management strategies. Paula enjoys being as physically active as possible and totally resists sympathy.
The MS Ambassador Program is delighted this determined and motivated individual has joined our team.  MS Ambassador Paula Allison will share with you how refreshing it can be to navigate through life when faced with a challenge you can’t fix, but that you can emotionally beat.

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