Sonia Parreira

Sonia, an articulate and independent young woman, was looking forward to turning thirty in 2002 because she thought that was when the fun really began for grown ups.

Her adolescent years and young adult life were filled with emotional challenges, due to personal and family setbacks, but during 2002, when Sonia finally turned thirty, she was ready to make it “her year”.  It was the year that Sonia ended a relationship, had a horrible holiday in Thailand, was attacked by jellyfish and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis during 2007 at the age of just 35 years of age, the most common chronic neurological disease of the twenty to fifty year age group.  Not a good start to the roaring thirties the effervescent Sonia had hoped for. 
What Sonia learnt from her diagnosis, is that the moment she took responsibility for “her life”, amazing things began to manifest.  Today, Sonia leads a busy life-style, working part-time as a wholesale and building consultant in the timber flooring and tiling industry, is a busy wife and mum to a six year old boy and is a community volunteer.  She engages in social activities, looking after her health and wellbeing, and talking with people about improving their life.
MS Ambassador Sonia, shares with her audience her ideas around the benefits of embracing the challenges life throws our way, instead of fearing them, and how to make conscious decisions every single day, to ensure we stay as healthy as possible.
MS Ambassador Sonia Parreira is a motivational speaker, who strongly believes in the benefits of surrounding yourself with positive energies every day, and making our mind, body and spirit a priority.  The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis did not mean the end of the road, but the commencement of a journey through a prism of fear, and arriving at a refreshingly calm destination feeling simply free.
What people have said about Sonia's speaking spots:
  • "You have a wonderful ambassador here and she inspired the whole group.  The best reception I have seen in 15 years from our group.  Inspirational in every regard." - Life Activities Club Heidelberg
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