Stan Korosi

Multiple Sclerosis provides this insightful man with the strength to focus on living in the here and now and on making a difference. This is how this fifty-three year old father, psychotherapist and investigator of the human condition describes the presence of a no cause, no cure disease in his life.

Stan was diagnosed during 1997 with multiple sclerosis at just 35. This diagnosis, following almost two decades of occasional transient symptoms, brought a mixture of relief and fear.  Despite his profound grief at being unable to keep career and family together, multiple sclerosis fuelled a fierce desire to transform his life, to help others transform theirs, and to be the best father and person he can be.

Stan has had an exciting and varied life commencing with a career as a Naval Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, serving on HMAS Vampire and HMAS Swan.  Cleverly, he then diversified into the defence industry where he ended up designing submarines and living in Germany during historic times in the 1990s.  Again, Stan left this career, this time moving into senior management roles in the IT industry.  While his family and his career disintegrated in face of multiple sclerosis and other chronic illnesses, Stan did not. 

After attempting to be an author following his diagnosis in 1997, Stan went on to study counselling and psychotherapy, qualifying as a psychotherapist in 2007.  He works with people living with chronic illness, with men and fathers, fostering relationships between fathers and their children.

Multiple sclerosis is for superheroes. As Stan puts it: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.  Stan believes that his condition has opened up new avenues for him, a new consciousness and new ways to experience life.  He believes it has given him an “iron fist” to tough it out and a “velvet glove” to care for others and himself, and that this is true for everyone facing challenges in their lives.

This engaging, articulate and insightful man has a passion to help the community to 'transform from the opportunities that life’s challenges offer.’ Stan will share with you the lessons learnt from living with challenges and unpredictability.  MS Ambassador Stan Korosi is a dynamic speaker who will assist you to get more out of life and improve the quality of everyone's life in your circles of influence.

What people have said about Stan's speaking spots:
  • “Excellent – very good speaker” - Northcote Legacy Widows Club

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