Trish Mifsud

Trish has now lived with multiple sclerosis for longer than she has not.  A wife, mother of a teenager and Coordinator of the MS Ambassador Program in Victoria, she is dedicated to raising awareness about multiple sclerosis. 

Trish MifsudMultiple sclerosis is a disease that can turn your abilities into disabilities overnight, as Trish found out when in 1983 at the age of 19, she was denied temporarily the ability to walk, see, feel and use her hands.  Trish saw multiple sclerosis as a serial auto-immune pest, but always believes there is a positive.

Having participated in many public speaking engagements over the past decade, Trish will inspire and motivate you to look at the big picture, and she will share with you her battle to retrieve back possessions that we all have but rarely utilise.  Trish found that fear could be more paralysing than the disease itself.
In 1995/6 Trish lobbied the Federal Government to allow access to treatment for people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and looked far and wide for a mentor.  She eventually found one in her own back yard - her active preschooler - who never gives in and never gives up, and who is multiskilled to achieve, in spite of the odds.
Trish has spoken at numerous Rotary District Assemblies and in excess of 50 Rotary & Probus Clubs around Melbourne.  Rotary District 9800 MS Committee also enlisted Trish's assistance as a public speaker, in their endeavor to fund research into multiple sclerosis  at a national level.
The Rotary Shine On Awards Committee also utilise Trish's talents to motivate fellow Rotarians to support this program.
Repeat bookings to address RMIT and Swinburne University of TAFE nursing students demonstrate this enthusiastic and effective MS Ambassador's commitment to raising awareness about multiple sclerosis.  At 50, Trish has a 30-year history of living with the challenges of multiple sclerosis. Trish can efficiently translate textbook curriculum for those who care for people with multiple sclerosis , (often in their darkest hour), into real life by confronting reality.  As a community we will all benefit.
What people have said about Trish's speaking spots:
  • "Well how do you follow that?!" - (Speaker following Trish) Rotary District Assembly - Bendigo
  • "What a truly amazing Ambassador!" - Premiere of "Hillary & Jackie" movie
  • "I think every nurse should experience this type of presentation at least once!" - RMIT nursing student

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