Wayne Cross

Wayne - active, driven and a self-confessed sports nut - was floored when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Initially misdiagnosed, this upbeat and resilient man was already learning to manage life with a lifelong neurological challenge and didn’t know it!

There was a time when, professionally, this dynamic husband and father lived life in the “here and now” - confident and self-assured, he anticipated the future with great hope, enthusiasm and clarity. He had a happy, loving marriage, two young sons and his health. Through hard work and a natural aptitude for business building and management, Wayne was entitled to smile, reflect on his achievements and growing stature as a forward thinking, high energy, business executive – successful and confident that his destiny was his to decide. 
The need to manage the many developing issues and challenges associated with multiple sclerosis was critical to maintain any quality in his rapidly changing lifestyle. Scared but undaunted, Wayne’s background and experience allowed him to apply his well developed business management mindset to the task. He skillfully managed the diversity and uncertainty of living with the challenge of common, mostly ad-hoc symptoms such as vision disturbance, mobility issues, diminished dexterity and fine motor skills, fatigue and the resultant, often unforeseen, emotional challenges.
While the road from first diagnosis to today’s advocate has not been without detours that included denial, anger, self-pity and hopelessness, the journey has delivered this self aware, articulate and compassionate man to a destination of understanding and acceptance.
Wayne’s diagnosis and its continuing progression have not diluted his commitment to “stare-down” the disease's scourge, managing his goals and personal vision flexibly to co-exist with his unwanted life partner – multiple sclerosis.

Wayne brings his considerable capacity, experience and enjoyably positive outlook to the MS Ambassador Program to assist all Australians affected by multiple sclerosis – his stated aims are simple and unpretentious, “to involve all, to inform many, to educate whomever I can and to participate whenever I can”. His role as an MS Ambassador provides both substance and benefits to all involved.
MS Ambassador Wayne Cross who is an experienced, articulate and entertaining presenter who will share with you his reflections of uniquely contrasting experiences in his continuing journey from boardrooms to occasional incapacity and other life challenges.

What people have said about Wayne's speaking spots:
  • “Thanks Wayne – keep kicking goals for MS”’
  • “Wayne was very inspiring.  His journey and information was helpful and moving”’
  • “Very powerful story, inspiring example of overcoming adversity”- Calvary Health Care Network Bethlehem
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