Strategic Plan Development Update

plan updateArticle from July 2019 edition of Intouch eNewsletter

Readers of Intouch eNewsletter will be aware of the Board’s work in the development of Multiple Sclerosis Limited's Strategic Refresh which will provide the basis for our new Operating Model for the delivery of services to people living with MS.

The Board continues to work closely with management to finalise the five-year Strategic Plan which will be formally launched at the November Annual General Meeting in Sydney.

From the work done to date, the Board is clear that the delivery of the new Operating Model can be best supported by the continued utilisation of the Nerve Centre site in Blackburn, and has therefore committed to a 12–18 month process to determine the use of the site to meet the needs of people living with MS into the future.

In the mean-time, existing services will continue to operate from Blackburn. MS staff will also remain at Blackburn and will not be re-locating, with the future of the Box Hill site to also form part of the Board’s review.

I look forward to keeping the MS Community up-to-date with developments as they are determined by the various working parties.
Warm regards
John Blewonski
Chief Executive Officer

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