Taking care of our carers
CarersIt's National Carers Week this week, which gives us a great opportunity to recognise how valued carers are in the MS community. 

Each year carers all over Australia save the Government a huge $60.3 billion through their caring role, so to say that they are important to us would be an understatement!

While it is a very rewarding experience to care for someone, it can sometimes interfere with other parts of life such as careers, relationships and hobbies. 

So for this year’s National Carers Week, we’ve come up with some ideas to make sure that people caring for someone with MS are looking after themselves. 

Say yes to help!
Don’t be shy about accepting help from family, friends and neighbours. Let people feel good about supporting you, people often want to help. Make a list of your daily activities and tasks. You may be able to divide caregiving tasks with other family members. One person can take care of medical responsibilities, and another with groceries and errands for example.

Take a break
Make sure you are taking breaks from caregiving so that you have time for YOU and a chance to refresh your energy. It could be something relaxing like getting a massage, or it could be going to the gym, whatever makes you feel good. 

Maintain your social connections
Catching up with friends and family can help you combat isolation and loneliness. You could also consider joining a caregiver peer support group. Connecting with people who are in similar situations as you can help to eliminate the feeling that you’re alone. We know that sometimes you need to chat to people who “get it” which is why peer support groups are so great. Carers Australia can assist you with locating a carer support group in your area, or you can contact us on 1800 042 138 if you’d like to connect into the MS community.

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