A thank you to our heroes

“First with the head, then with the heart” - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

This past fiscal year, MSL has been blessed by the generosity of 42 individuals who spoke with their heart and left a statement of their love for people with MS.

They all knew, either firsthand or through friends and family, how difficult it is for someone to traverse the MS journey on their own.  They all understood how important it is having people surrounding you who understand you. People who will extend a caring and loving hand. They all wanted to be that person, beyond their own lifetime. We all represent them today.

With their hearts, they left behind this last fiscal year, a most loving legacy of their values.  An amount of money that is transformational and that is already helping people living with MS.

We extend our thanks to all of them. To all those generous supporters who have already advised us of their decision to leave a gift in their Will. And to you, our stakeholders, for your continued engagement.

We are all together on the journey to break down barriers, achieve goals and live well.  It is this aspiration and our values which have inspired them to leave a gift, their most significant one.  An ultimate gift that speaks of what was important to them and how they may want to be remembered.

This past fiscal year, our benefactors left us a total of $3,130,663 so we can continue providing essential support and services to people with MS

Today, we ask that you spend a few minutes thinking about these loving and kind individuals who have made such an enormous difference to both the lives of those living with MS and to our own lives.

They thought “with their heads and then with their hearts” … thus we can all continue to work on making this a better place for people living with MS.

 Alison Hope Hale  Mavis Edna Bain
 Allan Thomas Willoughby  Maxwell Mawson
 Barbara Carol Forsyth  Mildred Daryl Lapthorne
 Cheryl Rattray Patience Harris
 Ellen Margaret Jones Terence Kevin Malone
 Joan Giblin Trevor Joseph Nolan
 Josie Margaret Patterson  
 Luigi Renato Mazzotti The Doris Thelma Rowe Charitable Trust managed by Equity Trustees
 Margaretha Kuipers The Elsie Louise Thomas Memorial Fund, managed by Equity Trustees
 Marion Jennings The Heather Margaret Ryan Charitable Fund

Read about these generous individuals

The list does not include 23 other wonderful individuals who left a gift in their Will to MSL who remain anonymous.

It’s very easy and very rewarding to leave a testimony of your values. For more information, contact Laura or Nikita on 1800 443 867 or email:  futureplanning@ms.org.au


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