"My religion is kindness" - Jean Fraser's story

The Dalai Lama once said "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness" He could have been thinking of people like Jean Fraser.
Jean spent all her life living quietly and modestly on the family farm. She was always kind and thoughtful towards those less fortunate than herself. She faced many challenges and misfortunes in her long life. At the age of 16 Jean sadly lost her mother, so had to leave school to help on the farm and look after her father and younger polio afflicted brother.
Tragedy struck again in 1939. The family house, farm and animals were destroyed in the terrible Victorian bushfires. This further blow would break many. Instead, Jean courageously helped rebuild the home and farm.

Jen Fraser

Jean experienced hardship and loss early in her life. She also cared first-hand for her brother, stricken with the paralysis of polio. These hardships gave her an insight into the many challenges of multiple sclerosis.  Jean never forgot those less fortunate. She always wanted to help those challenged by multiple sclerosis (MS). Jean believed people living with MS deserved to have access to care, support and advice. To this end she left a gift in her Will to Multiple Sclerosis Limited.

Janice Smith, her second cousin and executor of Jean’s Will tells us: Aunt Jean was a gracious, private woman. Aunt Jean worked hard, lived her life modestly, but was thoughtful and generous. In her final wishes she included a generous gift for people and families impacted by MS.  For that I am very proud of her.

Jean is no longer with us, but her kindness and thoughtfulness are remembered proudly by family, friends and people living with MS. She wanted those living with MS to live a life of possibilities. Thus, she included a gift in her Will for Multiple Sclerosis Limited. Kindness was indeed Jeans legacy.

Your Will says a lot about you. Would you like to help people with multiple sclerosis lead better lives like Jean did? Any gift, big or small can make the difference. Contact us for more information. You will find how easy it is and what a difference it can make in your life and in that of those living with MS.

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