National Volunteer Week 2018

National Volunteer Week 2018

We all know how precious time is, so let’s give a minute or two to thank the thousands of volunteers who dedicate their time, skills, knowledge, passion and kindness to others in the community this National Volunteers Week.

Esis Tawfik, Senior Manager, MS Connect says “we have volunteers contributing in a one off capacity and others that support us like clockwork each week. Regardless, each person plays a very important role in the MS community and we thank them for their effort.” 

An estimated total of 932 million hours was volunteered during 2016 across the country according to National Volunteers Week statistics. It is incredible to think of how many people volunteers have helped over the last year making a real difference in people's lives. 
Over the last year volunteer ambassadors have spoken in their local communities, event volunteers have helped to organise and operate our fundraising walks, runs, rides, swims and gift wrapping campaigns. Many other volunteers have driven, typed, visited, called, packed, gardened, walked dogs and performed so many other duties so we can ensure no one has to face MS alone - what legends! 
If you are one of these generous volunteers – we salute you and thank you for all your hard work, dedication and passion in helping others in the community.
If you are in awe of these volunteers, as we are, and would like to say 'thanks', head to our Facebook page where we will be sharing volunteer stories and videos that you can leave a comment on.   
From 21–27 May 2018, thousands of events will be held across the country to say thank you to the 6 million Australians who volunteer their time. We will be holding Volunteer Recognition events in each state to thank the incredible people who support the MS community for their contribution. For more information on these events contact MS Connect on 1800 042 138 or

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