Moving forward: Sharing MSL’s Strategic Directions 2020 – 2025
Article from Autumn 2020 edition of Intouch Magazine

StrategyAt Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL), we are committed to working alongside people living with MS and supporting them every step of the way on their MS journey, with all its changes and complexities. To ensure MSL can respond to the changing needs of our clients and customers, the organisation has recently launched its Strategic Directions 2020 – 2025, which will guide us to move successfully into a future that demands us to be agile, innovative and viable in our rapidly changing world. 

Australia’s service provision landscape has continued to evolve at a rapid pace, with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) shifting the focus of operation models towards customer-centricity. In addition, thanks to disease modifying therapies (DMTs), people with MS now have a better quality of life and are expected to live well for longer. These changes motivated MSL to review its strategic directions.

How did MSL develop its new strategy?

We referred to the results of the national research findings from the Living with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019 report, which provided insights on the changes we need to make as an organisation in order to both keep supporting  people living with MS into the future and expand our services to people with other neurological conditions.

We listened to the MS community, which included people with MS, their carers, MSL staff, key health professionals and stakeholders, and as a result reached an understanding of the present state of our organisation and its main priorities.

We then assessed the customer journey; our current services and future care needs to understand what gaps in services exist for us to prioritise.

Finally, we developed our Strategic Directions 2020-2025 which will focus on reshaping our service delivery to support the health and wellbeing of people living with MS and other neurological conditions. 

It’s all about people

MSL is committed to putting people at the centre, recognising their rights, abilities and needs, and working with them, their families, their carers and their communities to develop the best outcomes. 

MSL will deliver different services to meet people’s needs at different stages of their MS journey.

Our Strategic Directions 2020-2025 are underpinned by four strategic pillars:

Person Centred

We are dedicated to working with people living with MS and other neurological conditions.
We will engage and listen to ensure we understand individuals’ conditions and their needs to best coordinate information, advocacy and services. We will have each individual’s best interests at heart and with them we will tailor solutions, including facilitating access to other agencies and organisations to have their needs met.


MSL is a well-respected organisation operating to ensure the best outcomes for individuals, their families and their communities. 

Our partnerships and strategic collaborations will enable us to expand and improve services to people at every age and stage of their life. We will continue to foster strong relationships with the community, employees, partners and government.

Virtual and Physical Hubs

MSL’s proud history of providing care and services to people living with MS continues to inspire and transform our evidence-based work to build capacity and to meet the needs of more people in more places.
We will provide services that are responsive to individual needs. Services will be offered face-to-face or virtually to ensure we reach those who need us.


To respond effectively to the changing needs of people living with MS and other neurological conditions we must improve our care and expand our services

We will extend our services to be focussed on MS and other neurological conditions. We will grow our market position, our infrastructure, our services, our volunteers and our staff to best meet the needs of those we serve.

The customer journey

I am newly diagnosed – I need:
Expert information and education on MS; emotional support to understand what the diagnosis means for me; to talk to other people living with MS; emotional and psychological support; access to specialist advice about DMT’s; and information for my family and friends to understand what MS is and provide emotional support.

I want to keep well, living life to the fullest - I need:
Expert advice on how to manage my symptoms; support to succeed at work; emotional and psychological support; advice on how to disclose my condition to others; support for my family and friends; access to people who understand what it’s like to live with MS; to feel connected to the community (MS and general) and participate as much (or as little) as I choose; Information and access to the latest treatments and; planning advice on how to access NDIS / aged care services for the future when (and if) I need it.

I need support to maximise my living – I need:
To be as independent as possible; maintain my quality of life; support with coordination of funding, e.g. NDIS or aged care; access to supports and services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and massage; emotional support; advice and support on disclosing to others; support for my family and friends; peer support with other people who are living with MS; information and access to the latest treatments and; to feel included and able to participate in the community.

My needs are complex and ongoing – I need:
To remain as independent as I can; to have options for my accommodation and care e.g. NDIS or aged care supported places; emotional support; support for my family and friends; physical support to maintain mobility and manage increased disability, and severe and debilitating symptomatology and; to be connected to the community and feel a sense of inclusion.

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