Neurological Alliance - Government funding

The Neurological Alliance – four peak bodies providing support to people living with complex neurological conditions - is seeking a commitment of $5 million per annum from the State Government,  State Opposition and policy makers for the continuation of essential services that will no longer be funded by the Victorian Government from July 2019.

At present there are a large number of Victorians living with a complex neurological condition who receive state funded support services for their condition. If services are reduced, health outcomes for these Victorians living with these conditions will be significantly reduced dramatically increasing their reliance on primary healthcare. 
The Neurological Alliance is the partnership of Epilepsy Foundation, Motor Neurone Disease Victoria, Multiple Sclerosis Limited and Parkinson’s Victoria Ltd, all of whom support people living with complex and hard to diagnose conditions that benefit from specialised advice. 


  • With a commitment of $5 million per annum from the State Government statewide essential services will continue uninterrupted. 
  • Victorian Government funding for disability services will disappear as of July 2019.
  • Between 70-90 per cent of clients, around 80,000, who are currently serviced by the Neurological Alliance may no longer have access to essential services.

Epilepsy Foundation

  • There are 63,000 Victorians living with Epilepsy in Victoria – 80% will cease to receive Victorian funding.
  • Epilepsy is in the top 5 causes of avoidable death for ages 5-29.
  • Around 60 Victorians die each year as a result of their epilepsy. 

Motor Neurone Disease Victoria (MND Vic)

  • There are more than 680 people living with Motor Neurone Disease in Victoria with an average life span of 2.5 year after diagnosis. 
  • Nationally, Motor Neurone Disease is estimated to cost the Australian economy $2.4 Billion each year.
  • The average cost of healthcare per person with Motor Neurone Disease is $67,135.
  • On average, Motor Neurone Disease results in more than $77,000 worth of reduced employment, absenteeism and tax losses per person living with the condition. 

Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MS)

  • There are 7,895 people living with multiple sclerosis in Victoria. 
  • Nationally, multiple sclerosis is estimated to cost Australian economy more than $1.75 billion each year. 
  • Multiple sclerosis affects more young people than any other chronic neurological condition.
  • Multiple Sclerosis Limited answered more than 8000 calls to its information service in 2017. 

Parkinson’s Victoria

  • There are 27,000 Victorians living with Parkinson's – 82% will cease to receive Victorian funding.
  • Nationally, Parkinson’s is estimated to cost the Australian economy up to $10 billion each year.
  • The number of people living with Parkinson’s in Victoria will double by 2030.
  • The average lifetime cost of medical treatment and care a person with Parkinson’s is $181,300.

$5M recurrent funding for 80,000 + Victorians includes providing services such as:

  • Diagnosis support
  • Access to specialist health education and information
  • Access to dedicated helplines
  • Health knowledge translation – between academics / researchers and the public
  • Training for families and carers
  • Web and tele health information services
  • Social and peer support groups
  • Individualised health management plan development
  • Counselling and therapy
  • Assistive technology and equipment

These services are essential in assisting people living with neurological conditions with:

  • Relieving reliance on primary medical care
  • Ensuring family, friends and support networks are well informed
  • Assisting with changes to employment
  • Assistance in dealing with government departments (Centrelink, ATO etc.)
  • Housing support
  • Carer support
  • Some forms of palliative care
  • Managing risks and minimising avoidable deaths
*Note services will differ between different Neuro Alliance member organisations

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