Employment Support Services are here to help
Employment Support Services are here to helpArticle from November 2019 edition of Intouch eNewsletter

Whether it’s simply a means to a financial end or reflective of a deep desire to do something meaningful, there’s no denying that being able to work is important to most of us. When people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, they are usually in early adulthood and at the beginning of their working lives or right in the middle. Whilst some people with MS can continue working full-time with no visible impact on their jobs, most people (almost two-thirds) will be unable to do so after their diagnosis. 

The Living with MS in 2019 – Customer Insights Report noted that prior to any physical manifestations, a person’s ability to work is predominantly affected by MS’s invisible symptoms which can include bladder and cognitive problems, dizziness, pain and fatigue. 

Being unable to deal with these issues at work causes people to leave the workforce, and the subsequent loss of income leads to financial strain. This can accelerate feelings of lack of personal power brought by on a person’s inability to make a significant contribution to society or to their own lives.

A deep awareness of these issues is what led to the creation of the MS Employment Support Service (ESS). It is our belief that people with multiple sclerosis should be supported in every capacity to either remain in their current job or to be assisted in finding a new one. 

When people feel good about themselves, they are far more likely to succeed. Hence, a major focus of ESS is empowering people living with MS by helping them with strategies that relieve the impact of their invisible MS symptoms in the workplace. 

As the figures in our Annual Report show, ESS has had yet another highly successful year supporting working people with MS.

  • 584 people were assisted with their employment this year
  • 543 people maintained their employment since using the ESS
  • Over 27,800 hours of direct support service provided

If you are experiencing MS symptoms that are impacting your work life and would like further details about ESS, please get in touch.

If you live in Tasmania, ACT, Sydney, Melbourne or Geelong/Bellarine, please call: 1800 042 138 or visit https://www.ms.org.au/support-services/employment-support.aspx

If you live in Perth, please call: 0408 938 607 or visit https://coact.org.au/coact-ms-specialist-ess/

If you live in South East Queensland, please call: 1800 177 591 or visit https://www.msqld.org.au/service/employment-services/

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