MS Go for Gold Scholarships: Class of 2019
Article from November 2019 edition of Intouch eNewsletter

Here at MS we believe that concentrating on fulfilling a dream is a fantastic way to build a stronger sense of wellness because when we set goals that are deeply meaningful to us, we give ourselves something positive to focus on.

Sometimes however, we become stuck because our dreams need a little financial push. Open to anyone with multiple sclerosis who wants to achieve something, be it in the arts, education, travel, music, sport, employment, or lifestyle & wellbeing, our Go for Gold Scholarships are here to help people on their way to turning their dreams into reality.

This year, 55 people received Go for Gold scholarships (each up to $3,000 in value). Here are some of their stories. 

Paul Gallagher 
Category: Travel
State: VIC

PaulPaul’s dream is to publish a series of blogs, essays and photographs of a trip that will inspire other people with chronic conditions. 

Once a published writer, Paul’s MS has impeded any further work in this capacity. This Go for Gold Scholarship will give him the opportunity to return to the type of writing he loves, capturing observations and details of culture and history through writing and photography, as he visits cultural, historic and environmental sights of significance during an eight-day trip through New Zealand’s North Island.

Accompanied by his wife of more than 30 years, the trip will also give them an opportunity to take a much-needed break from the tireless work his wife does to keep the family afloat. 

Nicole Stewart
Category: Education 
State: NSW

NicoleNicole’s dream is to study interior decorating so that she can hold DIY workshops and share her knowledge with others. 

As a single mother, Nicole never had the time nor the financial means to pursue her dream. Then, when she was diagnosed with MS, she lost her job and this severely impacted her self-esteem and sense of purpose. 

However, Nicole’s inner strength has prevailed and now with renewed purpose and a firm belief that where there’s a will there’s a way, she plans to study interior decorating, hold her workshops, and buy a laptop with her Go for Gold Scholarship money.

Sue Pinyon
Category: Sport 
State: VIC

SueSue’s dream is to ensure she can remain living safely in her own home for as long as possible and to also have the confidence to travel outside her hometown. Sue believes that improving both her physical and mental health is the key to achieving this.

The Go for Gold Scholarship will finance a two-year gym and pool membership so Sue can commence a regular exercise program focused on building strength, improving her mood and reducing falls so that ultimately she may enjoy a long-awaited holiday with her husband.

Congratulations to all of this year’s Go for Gold Scholarship winners! We wish you continued success in making your dreams a reality.

To find out more information about the scholarships and how to apply for 2020, please go to MS Go for Gold Application Guidelines.


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