Allan and Margaret: for a love that never gives up

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It was a gut-wrenching day for Allan, Margaret and their family. They’d just found out that Margaret had been diagnosed with MS. For years Margaret had various symptoms, including loss of balance.  As a trained nurse, she understood well what this diagnosis meant.

Allan took on the role of primary carer, working around the clock to ensure Margaret was well cared for and could stay home for as long as possible. It was only in her last two years that she had to go into a nursing home.

Together, the whole family worked through the challenges of Margaret’s illness.  But, after 10 years, Margaret finally lost her battle with MS.

Meanwhile, Allan had his own medical issues brewing. He had diabetes and eventually needed to have his leg amputated. But Allan did not let that get him down for long — he quickly resumed driving and other activities once he had his car modified for his medical condition.

Over the years, Allan remained “positive, independent, and active,” according to David, their eldest son.  A few days before he passed away, Allan was busy sailing a small yacht on his own in Geelong.

“He was always trying to help others. That day on the boat, he was practising his skills to take part in a program that helps people with disabilities learn to sail. Dad never gave up. He was always thinking about how he could help other people,” recalled David.

Sadly, Allan and Margaret are no longer here. But they will be remembered as loving and inspirational people not only by their family but by many other people in their community. They just kept going, despite the many challenges life threw at them. 

David proudly remembers his parents’ kindness and thoughtfulness towards others. A particular highlight was when the couple decided to leave a gift in their Will to Multiple Sclerosis Limited, to thank the MS community for their support.

“They wanted those living with MS to live a life of possibilities,” David explained.

 A love that never gives up was indeed this couple’s legacy.

Your Will says a lot about you and how you can leave your mark on the world. Could you be like Margaret and Allan and help people with multiple sclerosis to lead better lives? Any gift, big or small, can make a difference.

Contact MS Limited for more information. You will discover how easy it is to leave a gift in your Will and what a difference it can make to your life and for those living with MS.

You could also become a member of the MS Callistemon League, a group of remarkable people who are committed to ensuring that those living with multiple sclerosis are not alone.

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