In memory of my beautiful mum Jude


My beautiful Mum suffered with MS for a very long time.  Sadly, she passed in 2012.  I also had a dear friend Row who was only a little older than me who also suffered from MS and sadly she passed also at such a young age leaving behind two small boys.  I have friends with the disease, and it is something I have been very passionate about and involved with for a very long time.  It’s something that is so incredibly close to my heart.
I have been involved with MS for as long as I can remember.  Close to 20 years.  It was something I decided to do when my Mum was diagnosed as there was so little known about it and treatments were next to none at that time.  I wanted to do as much as I could!  I have been an avid MS Volunteer and fundraiser for a lot of years and have been involved in many aspects including volunteering at the MS Nursing Home in Brisbane Qld for 6 years, participating in several events raising funds for MS including the MS Moon Walk, MS Mud Run, the MS Ball,  Point to Pinnacle, Ms Colour Dash, along with my own individual fundraising events and treks that I undertake annually in May for World MS Month.   I also had the pleasure of running the MS Peer Support Group in Hobarts South for a period of 12 months which I really enjoyed and met some amazing people!  I have my own MS Page on social media as well to help raise funds and awareness in the community.  MS is my passion!  As long as I am around, I will continue to spread the word to raise awareness and funds towards a cure!
My ultimate dream is that we can find a cure!  Research and treatments have come such a long way and I would love for that to continue!  I would also love to see people living with MS able to receive more support in all aspects, but particularly in their homes. Too often I have seen young people in nursing homes due to lack of funding and support which would enable them to stay at home and be cared for appropriately.  It’s heart breaking and I really want to see an end to this once and for all! 
In memory of my beautiful Mum Jude. 
Rebecca (Bek) Thorpe


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