How a Friend's Diagnosis Changed My Life for the Better


By Glenys Fitzpatrick
Multiple sclerosis! This was the announcement that greeted me when I went to see my dear friend Katie. She and her daughter had just returned from a visit to the doctor. We were both devastated at the news.

As a pharmacist, I understood well what this diagnosis meant. I had seen many people living with MS coming into the pharmacy. I knew very well what impact this could have on her life. We were both very shaken at the news. Fortunately, as it was to be, further investigation confirmed her daughter did not have MS. But that diagnosis had a big impact on me.

I want to share with you today because I was shaken by the possibility of my friend’s daughter being diagnosed with MS. Thus, I decided to do something positive about it.

I have put Multiple Sclerosis Limited in my Will. And here's why ...

This gives me a lot of satisfaction. It's something you might consider too. As you and I know, the only thing that’s certain about MS is that nothing is certain.
While one person might live out their life with nothing more than a little muscle weakness, another might lose their ability to walk, to talk or swallow within the year. Understandably, this can be terrifying and totally shocking.

My own life has been so blessed… I have been given the good fortune to have grown within a loving family. My parents taught me to share my good fortune with others. My journey through life has given me two beautiful daughters and a supportive partner. I love to travel the world. I recently went on a trip to the legendary Silk Road, the islands of Sardinia and Corsica and Venice and Tuscany. Now, I would dearly want others to be able to enjoy life too.

I'm telling you all this because I know you fully understand that fighting multiple sclerosis is the battle of a lifetime. You also know that the best way to fight it is to stay active ... and fight it together!

And that's where my decision to put Multiple Sclerosis Limited in my Will comes in. This is an expression of my values. I have also been thinking about my long-term legacy, what I’m going to leave behind. We hope we make the world a better place because we've been here.

Of course, that means two great daughters who will continue to be loving and caring women with families of their own. It also means no one needs to face MS alone, now or in the future, through a gift in my Will.

My daughters know well that I want to do this. They’re very happy and support my decision.
Many Multiple Sclerosis Limited supporters like to include a gift in their Will. You have supported the fight against MS before and leaving a gift in your Will is a way to continue this support. It is about the values we share and that you hold dear to your heart.

Every time you think about the gift you will make, you will get a warm, happy feeling. Every gift, no matter what size, will make a difference. Because you’ll know you will be helping a person living with MS have a better life.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope things are going well for you.

Would you like to ensure that people with multiple sclerosis can face the challenges and know the joy of following their dreams? Consider joining our generous group of supporters: the MS Callistemon League. These supporters do not want people to face MS alone. They will be there with them every step of the way while the search for a cure continues.

Every gift, large or small matters.  Many supporters leave 1% or 2% after including family and friends.  These ‘ultimate’ gifts will provide vital support for people living with multiple sclerosis. Like Glenys, you too can leave a legacy of your values!

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