Welcome to our new website!

It’s particularly fitting to share this with you on World MS Day, as this year’s theme is access.  We know that people living with multiple sclerosis can face barriers to access.  The new www.ms.org.au provides access to our online MS community, quality information, supports and services — whenever, wherever you are.

We’ve spent the last year speaking to hundreds of people affected by multiple sclerosis to understand what people need from our website.

The result?  A clearer, more modern, well-sorted website.  We think you’ll find it much easier to find the information you’re looking for, and the content is clear and simple to make it easy to understand. 

Some of the features include:

  • Our new interactive map — where you can enter your postcode to find information and services near you such as MS Clinics and Neurologists, allied health providers, advocacy experts, MS education sessions, MS Peer Support Groups and information for carers.

  • A clean, fresh look which is optimised for people living with multiple sclerosis, meets accessibility standards and has been tested on people with multiple sclerosis-related vision problems, such as optic neuritis, as well as total vision impairment.

  • Live feeds from our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/msgetinvolved, so it’s easy to see what’s happening in the MS community

  • More detailed and up-to-date information in simple language about the disease, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment, and a section dedicated to everything you need to know when you’re newly diagnosed.

  • A new living well section with information about things like exercise, parenting, sexuality and relationships, and complementary and alternative therapies.  

  • Access to all sorts of MS Education sessions including previous recordings and handouts which you can access instantly, as well as our upcoming program of events.

  • Online registration to become a registered MS customer, carer, volunteer, for webinars and to subscribe to our Intouch eNewsletter.

  • A great search tool, making it really easy to find what you looking for at the click of a button.

  • More audio and video content than ever before — and we want to keep adding to this as we go!

We are going to be using our website to constantly share our news with you, so keep visiting www.ms.org.au to watch us grow and catch up on what’s new.

Remember to sign up for our free eNewsletter Intouch too — it’s a great way to stay up to date with what’s happening in the MS community.

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